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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-1434 (Raudinė, LT / Cielavinas, LV)


Boundary marker 1434 was according to the border treaty of 2000 said to be located 2,5 from the border line. But in August 2014 the point appeared to be demarcated with a bilateral marker. 

Position: 55 52' 18"N 26 09' 39"E.

Towards the Latvian side and marker 1434 to left. 

Due to the vegetation it was difficult to observe the border vistas at the point.

Border maps of 2012. According to this map the border marker should be of a Lithuanian-only type.  
Border map of 1927. At this road it was at this time no demarcation.

The point was visited in August 2014.

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