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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-1357-1359 (Obeliai, LT / Subate, LV)


The boundary watched from Lithuania towards north and Latvia where the town of Subate (pop. 1222 [2004]) streches to the state border.  On the southern side the Lithuanian town of Obeliai (pop. 1241 [2010] is located 8 km further southwest.  At the borderline the Lithuanian Road 122 meets with the Latvian Road P70.  To left border marker no. 1357 and to right no. 1358.

From north towards south and Lithuania's village of Pasubatė.  The boundary slightly changes direction between at these border points.

Members of an excursion in 1935 from Rokiškis Gymnasium to Daugavpils at the border. Behind we can see the Lithuanian concrete marker 1. The first from the left is Mr Pranas Simanavičius (1905-1962), a painter and teacher (since 1931 the drawing teacher of the gymnasium), and Museum Curator (Head of Rokiškis Regional Museum 1941-1944). Photo from the album of Mr. Simanavičius. © Rokiškis Regional Museum. 

The above photo was probably taken here, although the 1935 road was slightly closer towards the lake (see maps below).

Photo from an excursion from Rokiškis to Daugavpils in October 1935. Headmaster Mečislovas Kviklys of Rokiškis Gymnasium was holding a speach. Here we can see the Latvian concrete border marker 2, 3. This photo is therefore taken about 12 metres from the photo at the Lithuanian marker. © Rokiškis Regional Museum.  

Right inside the Latvian side of the border there was on the eastern road side a nice welcome monument.

The stone Šeit ir Latvija [Here is Latvia] with a map of the country was projected by Mr. Imants Lukažs and stonemason Mr. Harijs Sprincis. 

The stone was located a few metres from border marker no. 1358.

The boundary changes slightly direction towards south at border marker no. 1357. 

The boundary same marker photographed from Latvian side. 

Boundary marker 1358 and its foot clearly visible.

Further east border marker no. 1359 was located near Lake Subate.

Cropped image of the marker. 

View into Lithuania as seen from the borderline.  Until Dec. 2007 the Lithuanian control post was located at the rest area/bus stop where the car is parked. 

The blue traffic sign informs we have entered Panevezys county and Rokiskis municipality.  

A unique concrete sign possibly from the early 1990s with the text LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA [REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA] was placed 100 m from the borderline.

The work was solid made.

The Lithuanian coat of arms was of the pre-WW II type (with the horse tail hanging down) used until 4 September 1991. 

On the opposite side of the road we found the possible remains of the Lithuanian passport control booth. 

The former border station was abandoned.  


At the rest area a huge map sign informed travelers about various tourist attractions in Rokiskis. Also the border point was marked. 

From the borderline there is only 750 m to the centre of Subate. Map fragment from Latvian border map (LGIA).


Border map from the 1927 Border Treaty. Border marker 441 was located at the same place as the present marker no. 1359. Also markers 441a and 442 have the same locations as present markers no. 1360 and 1361.


This point was visited in July 2012.

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