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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-1210 - 1211 (Suvainiškis, LT / Nereta, LV)


Border crossing between Latvian Nereta and Lithuanian Suvainiškis. Here towards the Lithuanian side

Direct border marker no. 1210..

The first impression one get of Lithuania is not very impressive...

This building appeared to have housed some office, maybe the customs office or a school.

Direct border marker no. 1211 is located on the eastern side of the road from no. 1210.

Also here River Nereta (Lithuanian) or Neretiņa (Latvian) is a boundary river. Photographed towards east

Towards west.

Now a young Lithuanian girls can visit her friends on the Latvian side and return home without that her parents have to accompany her.

The border line from Lithuanian side towards Latvia.

The border line from east towards west watched from the Lithuanian side...

... and here watched from the Latvian side.

On the Latvian side remains of the former border gate still were left

Maybe the Maltese Order financed this pedestrian border gate...?

First house on the Latvian side - maybe a former border crossing office?

The town of Suvainiškis is situated until the state border, while on the Latvian side there are many farmsteads along the road.

The points were visited in July 2012.

Sources and links

  1. Latvian-Lithuanian Boundary Treaty

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