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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-1189-1191 (Kvetkai, LT / Pilskalne, LV)

The boundary point is located west of the Latvian city of Nereta. View from Latvian side towards Lithuania where there is a farmstead located very close to the border. 
Position of border on bridge (appr.): 5610'41"N 258'44"E (WGS84)

From Lithuanian side towards Latvian side. Here there are only ruins left.

At the Latvian sides there are national as well as local signs informing that we are in Nereta municipality.

From west towards east: The bridge middle markers appears to have been placed about 1 metre inside the Latvian side, and not exactly above River Nereta (Lithuanian) or Neretiņa (Latvian). 

The same here.  From east towards west.

Further west we observed LT-1189 in distance.

Close-up of the same photo.

West of the bridge was LV-1190 indirect marker.

LV-1190 from north towards the bridge.

LV-1190 photographed from the bridge.

LV-1190 from north towards the south

East of the bridge was LT-1191 indirect marker on Lithuanian side.

LT-1191 photographed from the bridge.

LT-1191 from north towards the bridge.

LT-1191 with foot.

Border marker LV-1190 and LT-1191 are two indirect markers which both are without counterpart on the other side of the border and have therefore different numbers.

The points were visited in July 2012.

Sources and links

  1. Latvian-Lithuanian Boundary Treaty

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