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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Point LTLV-1079 (Germaniškis, LT / Skaistkalne, LV)

The border bridge over River Nemunėlis (Lithuanian) or Memele (Latvian)is about 90 metres long and connects the Latvian village of Skaistkalne (pop. 850) with the Lithuanian village of Germaniškis (pop. 430). The boundary runs in the middle of the river which is only about 50 m wide here.  This photo is taken from Latvian side towards Lithuania.  All photos are from July 2012. 
Position of border on bridge (appr.): 56°22'41"N 24°38'41"E (WGS84)

The first permanent building on Latvian side. 

The former Latvian border station which was in operation until 21 Dec 2007.

Sign pole remains still stand next to the former check point. 

View towards south and Lithuania. Indirect border marker LV-1079 stands next to the bridge.

The Latvian marker from south to north. The sign tells one enters Skaistkalne parish. Until 1925 the name of the village was Šēnberga (of German Schönberg - literally "beautiful mountain") but was then Latvianized, while the meaning of the name remained unchanged.

The same Latvian marker no. 1079 towards south. 

Marker 1079 with the check-point and the Vecumnieki municipality road sign in the background. 

On the bridge two metal poles with the coat-of-arms of the two countries mark the exact point of the river border. 

Towards west. Latvia and Highway P89 to the right meets at this line with Lithuania and her Highway 190 to the left.

As above, but close-up.  

And here towards east. 

Close-up of the bridge middle marker.  

The bridge pole coats-of arms.  

The Latvian insignia...

... and the Lithuanian.  

This is the border line of the bridge.  Lithuania is up. The lane towards Lithuania is to the right of the white line. But the Bridge Expansion Joint from Transflex which is lined up on the borderline is actually produced in China.

The Lithuanian side of the bridge. 

Entering the Lithuanian side at Germaniskis.  Tio the left is the indirect Lithuanian border marker no. 1079.

From Lithuanian side towards the Latvian side with Skaistkalne Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

And here the same area but in a more wider view with the Lithuanian river bank. 

The Lithuanian border marker no 1079 is located about 110 m from the Latvian one, and more far from the river. Photo towards north.

Marker LT-1079 towards east.  

Marker LT-1079 towards south. 

Photo probably from the 1920s taken from Germaniškis towards Skaistkalne. Notice the barriers on both sides of the river. 
Photographer: A. Johansons, Riga. Source: Zudusi Latvija.

Photo from the 1930s taken from Germaniškis towards Skaistkalne. Notice the Lithuanian check-point in the right part of the picture. Source: Zudusi Latvija.

About the same view as the 1930s photo, but about 80 years later - in 2012.

Entering sign to Biržai municipality (Biržų rajonas) in Lithuania.  

The former Lithuanian check-point was not in use anymore. 

Next to the check-point we found a view tower. 

Local map with the twin town on each side of the river. The northern side is ethnically Latvian as the southern side is ethnically Lithuanian.

Orthomap of the bridge.

Orthomap of the bridge with location of border markers and former border posts.

Sources and links

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