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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-1021 1022 (Kubiliūnai, LT / Tunkūni, LV)

Direct boundary marker 1021 watched from Lithuanian side of the border. 
Position: 56 15' 29" N  24 27' 15" E (WGS84)

Marker 1021 watched from northeast towards southwest and direct marker LTLV-1020 which was located on a distance of 90.71 metres. 

427.32 metres northeast of LTLV-1021 direct marker LTLV-1022 marked a point where the road left the boundary.  

Marker LTLV-1022 photographed from Latvian side towards Lithuanian side. 

Photo from marker LTLV-1022 towards southwest.  The boundary follows the road for 427.32 metres.  At LTLV-0657-0661 the Latvian-Lithuanian boundary runs close to the highway for 1.2 km. 

Photo from marker LTLV-1022 towards northeast.

The distance from marker LTLV-1021 to LTLV-1022 was according to the boundary treaty 427.32 metres. 1020-1021 was 90.71 m and 1022-1023 was 697.41 m.

The point was visited in November 2012.

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