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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0984 (Kiemėnai, LT / Uzvara, LV)  
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This former crossing point, called Ūsiškiai in the prewar period, is located about 350 m southwest of border marker no. 0984.  It was one of the most strange on entire Latvian-Lithuanian boundary, namely because it was closed for exit from Latvian side. 

Position (of border crossing): 56° 16' 52"N  24° 15' 53"E (WGS84). 

Nevertheless the Latvian entry point was marked with EU country and traffic information signs.  The pile of gravel on the Latvian side was bypassed by the locals.  More suitable for tractors and bikes than for low undercarriage vehicles.

On the southern side of the pile there was no sign that the Lithuanian part of the road was about to be overgrown by grass and brushes... 

The first Latvian-Lithuanian Border Treaty was signed in 1921, but the demarcation works took place from 1929-30.  On this 1927 photo from the boundary at Ceraukste rural municipality we see now permanent border markers, but two wooden poles (one tall and one low) marking the administration line. Two boom barriers blocked the road; to left the Latvian (red and white) and to right the Latvian (green, yellow and red).  The photo might be taken from the present closed border at LTLV-0984 (Kiemėnai, LT / Uzvara, LV). Photographed at Latvian War Museum in Riga.  

Close-up of the Lithuanian administration line poles and the boom barrier on the photo above.  

Ūsiškiai-Kamardė Customs station, Joniškis municipality, at about 1930.   Source: ziemgala.ltJoniškis Museum of History and Culture.

The point was visited in October 2012.

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