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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0960 (Didysis Plonėnas, LT / Lībieši, LV) Under construction


This boundary crossing was closed most of the time between Lithuania regained her independence in 1991 and the entry into Schengen in 2007.

Position: 56° 14' 56"N  24° 07' 18"E (WGS84). 

The closest boundary marker, no 0960 was situated about 60 m east of the road. 

Photographed towards Lithuania.  The Lithuanian EU country name sign appeared to be stolen. 

Lithuanian indirect boundary marker no. 0960 photographed with the road in the background. The marker was located 6,4 m from the ditch border.

The points were visited in October 2012.

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