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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0858-0859 (Kalviai, LT / Meitene, LV)

This is the main crossing point between the cities of Jelgava in Latvia and Joniškis in Lithuania. Meitene is the border town on Latvian side. Double marker 0859 which stands on the eastern side of the road, photographed from Lithuanian side. Meitene crossing point is a few hundred metres from the borderline.  All colour photos are from May 2008. 
Position: 56°21'55"N 23°40'25"E (WGS84)

The same marker watched from Latvian side.  Behind the Lithuanian customs station of Kalviai.


The Lithuanian customs office about 1930.  Source:

The same building about 1935.  Source: Zudusi Latvija.

On the western side of the road is border marker 0858. Behind national and EU road sign with the name of the country; the third sign tells the name of the county and municipality and the last yellow sign gives information about road toll ("User Charge").

The boundary from west to east.  The boundary runs in the middle of a creek. 

The boundary from east towards west. The marker stands about 90° on the road, but not with the boundary. 

A few metres inside the Latvian side we found this pre-WW II border marker no. 265 with old Latvian insignia. 

The new marker 0858 to left next to the old marker 265.  

The boundary with all three markers watched from Latvian side. 

Close-up of the old Kalviai crossing point.  

Map with the two border markers. From a point between LTLV 857 and 858 the border runs eastwards in the middle of a creek. 860LT is a national indirect Lithuanian marker. Note that there is no Latvian double. This is a usual phenomena at the Latvian-Lithuanian boundary.  

1927 border treaty map  
The present border line is similar to the 1927 border line (above). Old border marker 222 (now 857) and 222a (now 858).  

Sources and links

  1. Latvian Geospatial Information Agency Map Browser (with LTLV border marker numbers quoted)

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