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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0854-0857 (Šarkiai, LT / Meitene, LV)
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Direct border markers 0854 behind marker 0855 at the Šarkiai – Meitene railway border crossing, photographed towards southwest. To left is the old Lithuanian, and to right the old Latvian concrete border marker from 1930. Only one another place one can still see a full pair of the old Latvian and Lithuanian concrete markers, namely at Obeliai – Eglaine railway crossing.    

Position: 56° 21' 49"N 23° 39' 31"E.

Old concrete border markers at Meitene, Latvia

Old photograph from about 1930. Same markers as on the photo above.  The Lithuanian marker (to the left) is with the Gediminas columns on the top and the Latvian is to the right. Both markers carry their country's coat of arms. These markers were of a special type usually put at major international crossing points.  In the background is border marker no. 221 (from wood).


Both old markers were without any old insignia. The Lithuanian marker (to the left) was also without its Columns of Gediminas on the top, but "LIETUVA" (Lithuania) was clearly engraved on the front. The places where the two coat-of-arms were put, were clearly visible. The two markers are slightly different. The Latvian has a pyramid shape top, and the Lithuanian upper parts' four sides are all 45 degrees.

The old Latvian marker with 90 degrees corner of its upper part is in the foreground. The old Lithuanian marker is behind direct marker LTLV-0855.  
Border map 2015  
Border map from 2015.  
Border map 1927 

Border map from 1927. (Source: LCVA.)


The point was visited in April 2015.

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