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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0850-0850C (Milvydžiai, LT / Robežnieku kapi, LV)  


The boundary photographed towards north.  During the Soviet period the Lithuanian farmer living here built an animal barn on Latvian territory without having any permission or even register the building. In 1995 Lithuania purchased the very small plot from the Latvian state and the international border was changed.  Unfortunately in summer 2011 the barn burnt down due to children's play with fire. Marker 0850 to left, then 0850A and 0850B to right.  

Position: 56° 21' 33"N  23° 37' 41"E (WGS84). 

From northeast towards southwest. Marker 0850C in front and 0850 behind.

From southeast to northwest. Marker 0850 to left, 0850C in the middle and 0850B to right.


The new border map as of 2012. All border markers are direct markers, except 0849 which is located 4.5 metres inside Latvian territory.


Border treaty sketch no. 48/1. The territory (0850 - 0850A - 0850B - 0850C - 0850) makes about 0,05 ha or 500 m˛.


According to the 1927 map it was a straight line between border markers 217 (now 848) and 218 (now 851).


The green line is indicating the 1927 border line, while the red line is indicating the new borderline of 2000.


According to the treaty sketch 48/1 Lithuania has handed over an about 15.5 m˛ small piece of land to Latvia (in pink). The new Lithuanian territory is here shown in blue. At this point Lithuania has therefore net gained about 484,5 m˛ from Latvia.


The points were visited in October 2012.

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