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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0787-0788 (Žagarė, LT / Žagare, LV)

View from Latvian side into Lithuania. Old Latvian border marker to left, and the orange building is an old Lithuanian customs office. 

Position: 56° 22' 18"N  23° 16' 14"E (WGS84).

The crossing point at about 1930 watched from Latvian side (with Latvian boom beam) and first the Latvian border and eventually the Lithuanian border marker next to the Lithuanian customs station.  Comparing with the upper photo we can establish that it is situated on its original point.  Source: Žagarė, 1897–1945: albumas. Editor: Leonas Karaliūnas,  Kaunas: Judex, 2006. 

View from LTLV 0788 towards LTLV 0787. These two markers are direct markers; i.e. they stand exactly on the border point. The national coat of arm is placed on the side of the neighboring country in order so it for the viewer is placed in front of its boundary.

View from LTLV 0787 towards LTLV 0788.

The boundary crosses the road diagonally.

The boundary vista between LTLV 0788 and 0789 was occupied with a line of pine trees; probably old border fence poles. 

The old and the new border marker next to the row of Latvian-Lithuanian boundary trees. LTLV 0789 is in the background. (Watched towards east.)

The boundary at the same place, but watched towards west.  

The old Lithuanian customs house is south of the boundary.

Boundary marker LTLV 0789.

The old boundary marker without any insignia or colour. 

It might stand on its old place.  This column seems to be of the same type as the marker at Meitene

It would be great if also this marker would get into its old insignia!

Marker 0787 towards the Lithuanian side of the border.  

View into the Lithuanian side.  The border is actually located at the boundary of Žagarė, one of the oldest cities of Lithuania. 

And a similar look into the Latvian side.... 

Žagarė Customs Office, constructed in 1928. Notice the Lithuanian border marker in front of the building.  It is white, with the Vytis symbol on the front disc and the Columns of Gediminas on the top.  (Photo: Lithuanian Customs Museum.)

Žagarė Customs Office in 2010. 

If the old Latvian border marker stands on its original place it makes sense that the Lithuanian marker stood about where the car stands on this photo. . 

The points were visited in August 2010.

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