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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0697 (Vegeriai, LT / Vanagi, LV)


Indirect Latvian boundary marker 0697.  Border pole distance from border line is 2,6 m. Here the boundary does not change direction1.

Position: 56 23' 35"N 23 00' 30"E.  


Towards south. Latvia to left and Lithuania to right. The border runs in the middle of the ditch. In the end of the 1920s the Mazrubėnas farm was located here on Lithuanian side of the boundary. Now the area is an agricultural field.


Towards north. Also here it was some buildings in the 1920s, maybe a border checkpoint.


Towards the Latvian side and marker 0697 to left.


Towards the north again. Direct markers 0696 and 0695 in the vista.


Towards the Latvian side and marker 0697 from concrete.


Towards the Lithuanian side and Latvian marker 0697 to right. Only a Lithuanian traffic sign is placed at the Lithuanian side of the line.


Border map of 2012.  Indirect Latvian marker 0697 and a poor unpaved road from the Rubeni farm to the border.

According to the 1927 border treaty map there was a 500 metre middle marker at this point, and a border crossing existed 2.


Right north of the road there were in 1927 some small buildings at the crossing point. South of the road the farms Mazrubėnas was located on Lithuanian side, and Ezerini on Latvian side 2


The point was visited in April 2015.

Sources and links

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  2. Latvian - Lithuanian Border Treaty of 1927, map no. 35.

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