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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0676-0678 (Vegeriai, LT / Vītiņi, LV)


The boundary divides Auce municipality of Latvia and Akmene municipality of Lithuania. Lithuanian road 1001 meets Latvian road P104.  The photo is taken from Latvian side towards Lithuania and south.

Position: 56° 24' 53"N  22° 55' 09"E. 

Border marker 0678 is to the east and 0677 to the west. River Vadakstis (Lithuanian) or Vadakste (Latvian) runs here under the road from east towards west. Notice the Lithuanian side has road marking and guard stones attached with retroreflectors. 

The two border markers at the road are of a direct type where the Lithuanian insignia are put on the Latvian side so they stand in front of the country they belong to and vice versa.  The country name sign is of a pre-European Union type.

The same markers photographed from the other side and towards north. The country name sign is of a European Union model. 

Lithuanian and Latvian pre-war (between 1927 and 1940) border crossing at the village of Vegeriai (Vegeriai municipality.). This photo is taken from about the same point and in the same direction as the previous picture. To a raised barrier pose four uniformed men, possibly customs officials, and two children. Behind them we see a wooden border bridge ending where the second barrier is raised. At both bridge ends there is a solid wooden border crossing pole with painted spiral ribbons in national colours around it. Further on are the building fragments of The White Tavern (Latvian: Baltais krogs) which maybe also served as a Latvian customs office 1. © Šiauliai Ausros Museum.

The same persons as on the previous photo at the Latvian customs. The tall pole appears to be a symbol of the Latvian Customs. Photographed at the tavern 2.
© Šiauliai Ausros Museum. 

Boundary marker 0677 photographed from marker 0678 towards west. The Lithuanian road marking exceeds the boundary line with about 20 cm.

Boundary marker LTLV-0677 with indirect marker LV-0676 in the background on Latvian side. The borderline runs in the middle of the river.

Boundary marker 0676 has only Latvian insignia.

Boundary marker 0678 photographed towards east. The boundary leaves the river and runs in the middle of the channel along the forest edge. 

Entering Lithuania cargo vehicles and buses must pay road tax.

About 120 m inside Lithuania we found remains of the old passport control booth and a boom barrier used until 21 Dec 2007.

Photo from the check-point and towards the border.

On Latvian side we found this modern EU sign. The three Baltic countries became members of the European Union on 1 May 2004.

The former Latvian border station. To left, about where the road turns, we observed ruins of the former tavern, hidden between the trees.

The station building from the facade side. 


The dot marks the crossing point. 

Orthophoto of the crossing point. 

Latvian LGIA border map of the same area.


Treaty map of 1927. The boundary of 2000 appears at this point unchanged compared with the 1930 boundary.


The points were visited in August 2010.

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