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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0193 0194 (Kulai, LT / Ozoli, LV)


Boundary marker 0193 (indirect) to left and marker 0194 (indirect) to right. Closed down railway bridge between Skuodas, Lithuania and Prikule, Latvia. Last time in regular traffic in the beginning of the 1990s. Photographed towards north. 

Position: 56 17' 36"N 21 31' 58"E.

Indirect Lithuanian border marker no. 0193. The bridge goes over River Ape. 

Indirect Latvian border marker no. 0194 photographed towards south.

The railway bridge in direction towards Lithuania. In the right edge of the photo one can see the remains of the Lithuanian concrete marker.

The remains of the concrete marker. These markers were put only on the main international crossings between Latvia and Lithuania, out of them three railway crossings. 

On the northern river bank we found a possible location of the Latvian concrete marker. This point was marked with a piece of a rail.

Marker 0194 and River Ape photographed towards northeast.

River Ape towards west.

The bridge towards west.

Border map of 2012 (LGIA, Latvia).  The border runs in the middle of the river.

Border map (fragment) no. 11 of 1927 where the two concrete is drawn on the map. The old marker no. 41 was situated about 150 metres northeast of present marker no. 0194.


The point was visited in April 2015.

Sources and links

  1. Treaty of 1927, page 102.

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