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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0001 (Būtingė, LT / Nida, LV)

Boundary marker no. 0001 is located at the Baltic Sea coast.  

Position: 56° 04' 09"N 21° 03' 55"E. 

The new boundary marker is standing next to the old concrete marker from the 1930s.  As late as in the 1992 there was also a similar old border marker on Latvian side. 

Only the old Lithuanian boundary marker is now left.

From east towards the Baltic Sea and west. 

From the border marker and towards east. 

From south and towards north and Latvia. A possibility is that the old Latvian marker was destroyed during stormy weather.

Same angle as above, but from slightly greater distance. 

Similar as above, but slightly more towards northwest. 

On a photo from 1992 with two Lithuanian border guards we can also see a similar 
monument on the Latvian side which now is absent.  We also notice that the distance 
to the sea appeared to be longer than on the 2012 photo.  Photo: Romualdas Požeskis. 

From west towards the border marker from the beach. 

The signature of Professor James Young Simson, Chairman of the 1920-21 Latvian-Lithuanian border commission, on the map where the Latvian-Lithuanian land boundary line begins.

The point was visited in June 2012.

Sources and links

  1. James Young Simpson and the Latvian-Lithuanian border settlement 1920–1921: The papers in the archive of the royal Scottish geographical society.

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