Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Croatia - Montenegro Boundary Point
Karasovici, HR / Debeli Brieg, ME


The border between Karasovici in Croatia and Debeli Brieg in Montenegro was not demarcated with boundary markers in July 2015. Usually it appeared for us that the red Montenegrese welcome and good bye signs were placed only a few metres from the de facto line, even if the border was not yet ratified. Our yellow line is the border line according to the Croatian cadastrial survey. Here watched from southeast towards northwest.   

42 29' 14"N 18 26' 16"E (WGS84).

Same line, but photographed from northeast towards southeast.


Photo taken from the line and towards the Croatian border station.

Croatian cadastrial map from 2015. (Source:  

The Montenegrese map viewer presents the outer cadastrial polygon about 60 metres from the welcome sign, which appears to be far too much compared with at other Montenegrese borders. It therefore seems as if the boundary line is drawn out somewhat inaccurate in this area.  (Source: Geoportal Crne Gora.)

Open Street Map which looks to be a good source to the Croatian borders appears to correspond with the Croatian cadastrial map. (Source: Open Street Map.)  

The point was visited in July 2015.

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