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France – Monaco (FRMC): Place de la Crémaillère (under construction)

Photographed from Av. Cammille-Blanc in Beausoleil, France towards southeast and Place de la Crémaillère in Monte-Carlo. To right is a second divided street, Rue des Lilas.

Av. Cammille-Blanc is to left, and Rue des Lilas to right.

Photographed opposite way, towards west, in Rue des Lilas.

Rue des Lilas towards west.

At the Place du Crèdit Lyonnais the boundary turns towards northwest.

Further it appears to run along the side of the stairs until it reaches Av. Sainte-Cécile. 

First time published on 01.11.11.  This page was last time updated on 01.11.11