Tornio/Hapar. Map
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Tornio/Haparanda Map

Below are the photos' positions shown. As shown on picture 5 this small headland might be a Swedish pene enclave.
In the northern part it also might be one more Swedish pene enclave on the eastern river bank, and one border penetrated islet.

(Bi-country golf courses are not that rare as one should believe. Now Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are planning a 27-hole tricountry golf course (with 9 holes in each country)  in the new named «Emerald triangle». According to Reuters the proposed site is in Ubon Ratchathanee province's Chong Bok town, 650 km northeast of Bangkok, next to Laos' Champasak province and Cambodia's Prea Vehear mountain. The idea is to to turn a landmine-infested area bordering Laos and Cambodia into golfing paradise.) 
Watershed Vol.7 No.3 March – June 2002: Power to Choose News & Update : «Dying to play golf? The Thai government has plans for you… »

Official Finnish map (March 2010) showing the same boundary as on the map above. Circle indicates where the photos were taken. (

Official Swedish map (March 2010) indicating the same boundary as on the first map on this page. (

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