BM 295A
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Finnish–Norwegian border marker no. 295A

The Finnish side of border marker 295A. Behind is Norway. Position of this marker is 69° 07' 05,90 N 20° 44' 41,35 E. 539,90 metres above sea level.
The Norwegian side of border marker 295A. Behind is Finland.
The photograph is taken from BM 295A towards BM 295B, a distance of 325 metres. My wife and daughter are exactly passing the border from Norway into Finland. Between BM 295A and the highway an auxiliary marker (without number) is located.
The air distance from border marker 295A to bm 295 located on the Mount Bossovárri (666 m.a.s.l.) is 1250 metres. (Click on the photo to see it as a high resolution image.)

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