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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Vilar Formoso Border Markers 517 D - 519 B (ESPT)

Vilar Formoso is a Portuguese border town on the border to the Spanish town of Fuentes de Oρoro.  

Border markers: 
 – 518 – 518 A – 518 B – 518 C – 518 D – 518 BIS – 518 BIS A – 518 BIS B – 519 – 519 A – 519 B

The border follows the highway for many kilometres, both north and south of the two border towns.

Marker no 517 D

Middle marker no 517 D photographed towards Portuguese side.

Marker 517 D towards north. Portugal to left, Spain to right.


Turning Point 517 D1.

On the northern side of the divided customs station the border appeared to have two turning points which we have called "D1" and "D2". The photo is taken from marker 517 D. The main marker 518 is located behind the lorry on the picture.

At the turning point D1 we found a small depression in the ground which appeared to indicate that it previously here had been a similar small metal plate as the one at D2, but which was now gone. We also found at least three bolt holes in the ground.

Turning Point 517 D2.

The elevated concrete border line was found on both side of D1 and D2 at the parking lot. At both turning points there had been put metal plates, but only the one at D2 was still left on its place. Photographed towards marker 517 D.

From the same point, but photographed towards main marker 518.


Marker no 518

Main marker 518 is located on the northern side of the divided customs building.

The author at main marker 518, well inside Spanish side!

Marker no 518 A

Middle marker was placed behind his pillar. The text on the sign said: "Aedes publicae hispaniam inter ac Lusitaniam super vigilis yuxtapositis necnon finitimo transitu, conventionis iussu, constructae.  Anno MCMLXXXVIII" which maybe translates to about this: "This public building between Spain and Portugal at this border crossing between neighbours was constructed according to an order of agreement. In the year of 1988."

The marker is located straight behind the pillar.

Marker no 518 B

At the opposite side of the road middle marker 518 B was located in the very similar way.

Middle marker 518 B.

 Marker no 518 C

The Portuguese customs building and middle marker 518 C dividing another smaller building, between the main buildings of both countries.

Middle marker 518 C behind divided flowerbed.


Marker no 518 D

Photo from 518 D towards 518 C (hidden behind the tree).

Turning point 518 D. The border turns here about 45° to left.


Marker no 518 BIS

Main border marker 518 BIS is located close to the railway track. On the southern side of the track we found 518 BIS A.

518 BIS photographed from the Spanish side.

Marker no 518 BIS A

The railway crossing between 518 BIS and 518 BIS A, photographed towards east.

Photo taken from 518 BIS A towards north and 518 BIS. Railway crossing point.

A beautiful Spanish monument.

Marker 518 BIS A appeared to be a bit unstable and geographically on its way into the Portuguese side of the border. Here photographed towards north.

The same middle marker, photographed towards south and 518 BIS B.

Marker no 518 BIS B

The old stone border wall seemed not to run precisely along the border.

Middle marker 518 BIS B.

A small part of the border wall between 518 BIS A and 518 BIS B.  The wall continued further south towards 518 BIS C and 518 BIS D.

Marker no 518 BIS C

Border marker 518 BIS C photographed towards south. (Source: )


Marker no 518 BIS D

Border marker 518 BIS D photographed towards west. (Source: )


 Marker no 519

Main marker 519 was located at an old barrier on the old border road.  The barrier still stood there as in the good old days.

The border zig-zagged the road twice. First at this marker, later between 519 A and 519 B.

Next to the marker stood a Christian monument.  

Watched towards north.  

At each road side there were a stone marking the exact border and with the "P" and the "E" on each side of the line.

While we were at the point three young girls came walking from the Spanish side and played at the border line.  It seemed like they were jumping over the border line and made international telephone calls standing less than one metre from each other... 

Marker no 519 A

Middle marker 519 A was a little difficult to find as it was completely hidden in the brush. 

Between 519 A and 519 B the border again crossed the road.

Marker no 519 B

Middle marker 519 B, photographed towards south.

Photographed from Spain into Portugal.

The fence is about one metre inside Spain.

And here towards north and marker 519 A.

Finally the border continued further south towards marker 519 C.

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