Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: EELVRU Trifinium Maps

NB! This article was written in 2003.

The future Estonian- Latvian-Russian trifinium (marked as «TF» in the sketch below) was located during the Great Baltic Border Expedition (GBBE) in July 2003. This trifinium is located approximately at 57° 31' 05"N  27° 21' 05" E.  While the Soviet Union republics' trifinium is located south of present Estonian-Latvian boundary post (bp) no. 47, it is to be moved about 85 meters north, next to the Estonian-Latvian bp number 46+1379 (which is an ordinary post, but showing the distance of 1379 metres to boundary post number 46). It is still a wet trifinium as it is located in the middle of the River Pededze. 
Bp 47 showed the distance to the actual point of this position with a "-2" stated below its number. This kind of a distance was not observed on bp 46+1379.
As the Latvian-Russian as well as the Estonian-Russian boundary not yet are ratified there are no markers on these boundaries, only an ordinary barbed wire fence and a Latvian temporary sign warning about the state border just east-northeast of the future trifinium (at waypoint 008 on the topographic map below). Therefore the former Soviet Union republic boundaries between Estonia and Russia and Latvia and Russia still are making the administration boundary between these countries.
South of the confluence there is a small wooden bridge where one can walk over to the right bank of the river. At this point the River Pededze is about 4 meter broad. From the position marked with an arrow an seldom observation may be done: You can watch from one country, over a second country to the third!

NB! The sketch above is NOT to scale!  The "Former TF" is still de jure trifinium as the borders between Estonia and Russia and Latvia and Russia still are not demarcated.

The track shows how we approached the trifinium at our expedition 17 Jul 2003. Waypoint 008 is the LVRU administration line (the border is not yet ratified by Russian side), waypoint T55 is just east of the trifinium on Latvian side, and T50A is just west of boundary post 47. Even if this trifinium is not yet formalised it is little reason to believe the Russian side not will fulfil their obligations on this point.

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