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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Triline France – Germany – Luxembourg Boundary (DEFRLU)

The northern tripoint area is consisting from two technical tripoints and one triline area. The western technical tripoint – DELUFRLU – where the middlepoint of the France – Luxembourg River Mosel meets the condominium. The eastern technical tripoint – DEDELUFR – is the point where the condominium meets both the border of France and the border of Germany. The line between these two technical tripoints forms the actual triline boundary – DEFRLU – between the the common area of Germany and Luxembourg in north and France in south. This line is about 114 metres long, whereof about 29 m are on dry land, and stops in both ends one single point before both tripoints.  (Image: Le Géoportail National)

1. Rolf Palmberg's DEFRLU visit (2001)
2. Borderland DEFRLU visit (16 Oct 1998)

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