DEDK bm 83
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Wilmkjer (DE) – Vilmkær (DK) border marker 83

Bordermarker no 83 west of Vilmkærgård photographed towards north. Notice that the boundary does not make any change of direction at this point.


Same bordermarker, but photographed towards northwest.


Near this marker, but on Danish soil, we found this collection point of tax declarations for dutiable goods. Declaration forms were found in the upper box in order to be filled out and put in the next box below.


According to the form it is liqours and tobacco articles which should be declared here. Most likely because Scandinavian countries have different limits than most of EU. (Click on the image for higher resolution image.)


 Next to the tax point was the municipality sign of Aabenraa. (Towards north.)


 Photo towards south. The trafic sign and information board are in Denmark, while the roadmarking is in Germany. There is also a change in the pavement at the boundary.


 The information on the board is about the popular border cyckle route at the Danish - German boundary.

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