CZDE V/2/37-V/2/42
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Czechia - Germany Boundary Point V/2/37-V/2-42

Jan S. Krogh at the northernmost point of Czechia, border marker V/2/40.

Border marker IV/2/37 is very interesting, not only because the former DDR inscription still is visible behind the newly pointed "D".  But mostly since actually two stones have the same number while both of them are turning points!

Two turning point stones have the number 2/37, while the third is 2/37-1.  On this sketch it can seems that bm 2/41 is more north, but this sketch is most likely not to scale or completely north-bound!

Borderpoint 2/40 is located slightly east of borderpoint 3.

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