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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: China - Russia (CNRU) Border markers 

Marker no 422

Border markers 422 from the Golden Triangle Park netpage. 1) To left the Russian marker and to right the old historical Chinese marker. (Find map location on the BM 423 netpage. )

The first border marker here was the historical “letter T” marker - at  boundary post Tutsipay, which was the last boundary post on the Russian and Chinese border.   It was established in April 1860 according to the Convention of Peking. The column height is 1.44 m. On the front side of the boundary post was carved in the  Chinese inscriptions 土字牌 ("Border marker") and the word "Tutsipai".  On the back side it was carved in a Russian capital letter “T”.  The boundary markers were marked from "A" to "T " along the Russia – Chinese border.  In April 2003 this historical marker was put back on this point and differs therefore in form and shape with the modern Chinese markers (as markers 407 and 423).

Only Chinese citizens are allowed to visit this point from the Chinese side. They are accompanied to the markers by Chinese soldiers. 2)

On the front page of the Chinese marker it is written in Chinese 土字牌 (Tutsipay). 2)

Chinese soldiers are being taught about the 1860 border demarcation. 2)

Chinese soldiers salute the flag of the Communist Party of China. 2)

The two markers no 422 from Russian side of the border..

Here we can see the letter T on the reverse side. The Russian red and green marker is on the right.

A Chinese border guard was very surprised to observere civilian persons on the Russian side of the border. Our Søsex 2011 Expedition was given special permission from the Russian FSB State Security Service to visit the Russian border zone. 

Geosite's Jan S. Krogh at the CNRU bm 422. 

The markers are located on the territory of the last Chinese observation tower at the Russian border.

Marker no 420

Russian border marker no 420 is located further north from 422, possibly at 42°26'47" N  130°35'42" E. Our Chinese guide did not allow us to visit that point

Instead we could watch these photos at the locat Fangchuancun historical museum.

Marker no 407

Chinese border marker is located at the territory of the Chinese Hunchun border station to Kraskino, Russia, at 42°46'12"N  130°27'40"E. 

Close-up photo of the marker. The Chinese text reads "China", marker no 407 and 1993 is the year of its installation.

From the side we see a red-painted stripe which marks the boundary line.  The photo is taken from our vehicle in speed, as the Chinese border chief did not allow us to visit the border marker.  Anyway he granted photo permission as long as our bus did not stop.

On the southern side of the road there are one Russian and one Chinese flagpole next to each other. See this photo. South of them we observed a Russian border marker, maybe no 407. (Russia is to left, China to right.)


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