Marker 3
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: CNKPRU Marker no. 3

During the Scandinavian Border Association / IBRG Søsex Expedition we found Marker no 3 on 31 Aug 2011 at 
42° 25' 14,6" N 130° 38' 24,4" E (WGS 84).  


The monument is produced according to the Article 3 point 2 of the Treaty Draft:
"Marker no. 3 consists of a three-sided granite marker on a concrete base. The side facing Russia bears the inscription in the Russian language "Russia", the side facing China bears the inscription in the Chinese language "China", the side facing Korea bears the inscription in the Korean language "Korea". Under the names of the countries, the number of the marker and the year of establishment are indicated in Arabic numerals.Drawings and dimensions of the markers mentioned are annexed to this Agreement."
The photo shows the Chinese text faced towards northwest.

The Korean text faced towards southwest. (The text says 조선 – Chosŏn – which is the North Korean formulation for Korea.)

The Russian text faced towards east.

This Japanese picture was photographed before August 2003.  The marker then stands at the road. The base seems to be of another quality than now.  The Treaty Draft says the marker shall stand on a concrete base, but here it looks like it stands on a granite base. This could be the reason the base is replaced. The monument itself is the same, notice the black spot on the Russian side.  

The entire Søsex 2011 expedition group. In front: from left: Rolf Palmberg (Finland) and Peter Hering (Austria/Denmark), behind from left: Ole Søndergård (Denmark), Hans Peter Nissen (Denmark), Hother Hennings (Denmark) and Jan S. Krogh (Norway/Lithuania).  The fence is the Russian Sistema border fence which starts at Grense Jakobselv at the Barents Sea. (The Chinese-Russian boundary line is actually about 75 m west of this marker.)

The marker is located approximately just below the Chinese watch tower in the background. Find the yellow minibus on the photo of the Korean marker side.

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