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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: China - North Korea - Russia (CNKPRU) Tripoint Border Area Maps

On this North Korean map over the Rajin-Sonbong Free Economic and Trade Zone we see that the North Korean border north of the bridge is running on the left river bank.  This suggests that the official North Korean view coincides with that River Tumen is a condominium. However, that the border south of the river continues to run a long the left river bank must be a mistake. 1)

(Click on the image to get up a high-resolution image.)


This Chinese map seems to be correct according to the Treaty Draft and according to a Chinese-North Korean condominium north of the bridge. 2)

The best recently published map over the Korean-Russian River Tumen border area we managed to find is this. The river border between Khasan and the Sea of Japan is divided.  We know most river islands according to the treaty are Korean. 3) 


1. Korea's Tourist Map, Korea International Travel Company, pp. 110-111, first edition: April 1, 1995. Purchased in 2011.

2. See China with Hassan District (Mount W Wei areas) in exchange for what - Sakhalinsky Island Photos (Chinese only)


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