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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Kul'kishki (BY) Sakaline (LT) Divided Village Viewed from Lithuania

This is the closest Byelorussian house to the Lithuanian border, behind barbed Schengen border wire... Photos from 16 April 2004.

The Schengen fence separates close friends and neighbors from a life span. Photo towards south.

This was few years ago the main street of the two villages. Now it is barely a track. Photo towards east.

This is house "A" on the main photo. The husbond in this family is neigbour to his cousin on the Byelorussian side of the fence, 90 metres away. Because of his frustration over the situation, he shouts out his anger on any stranger around his property which he believes may be associated somehow with the border authorities...

In the small yellow boot the lonley Lithuanian border guard has his post. When he is away the locals from both sides of the border meet, exhange medicines, newspapers, telephone cards and any other useful stuff.

Behind the forrest was the Lithuanian enclave and exclave of Pagiriai, until it was dissolved by the border treaty of 1996.

Main street of Sakaline. Towards east. Only about 1/3 of the former population still lives here. It used to be 3-4 grocery stores here, now none is left. After the fence was erected, the village slowly is dying.

Southern part of Kul'kishki from Lithuanian side.

Northern part of Kul'kishki from Lithuanian side.

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